Sunday October 21, 2007

Well what a week... not a lot to report but still - it's been a week. Let's see...

The job hunt is going ok. Went for an interview on Friday. Interesting being on the over side of the desk after so long on the interviewer side. But I think it went ok. Apparently we will find out tomorrow how it went (that's Monday 22.10) so I'll keep you posted. I've also singed up at more agencies since last I typed and they seem pretty positive about my experience and the fact that they can find me a job somewhere doing something. So fingers crossed I could be in one of those jobs that actually pays sometime soon. Now that would be nice.

Other then the depressingly boring job side of things I went on a little excursion yesterday. Just stayed in London but went and explored The Tower of London and St. Paul's Cathedral. Photos are here... if you want to take a gander. The day was beautiful so I decided to spend it out doors. There can't be too many of these days left in London. It's getting colder and colder each day. I hope my box of warm stuff shows up soon otherwise I'll be royally screwed!

Unfortunately you'll have to settle for the outside views only as since I haven't been paid for 2 months I don't have a lot of money left. So I did the free tour which of course doesn't include the cool inside stuff but I'll make it back there one day when I have pennies to take a look and then I'll let you know how it all is.

It was kind of odd walking out of the tube station and being confronted with this huge ass medieval tower. It's amazing. Like I've said before you can forget you're in one of the world's largest cities when you go on these little trips. Amazing. London still has loads to discover - and loads of that is free so stay tuned. I'll be off on more adventures soon.

So... how bout those Springboks huh? YAY! Just to make life interesting in the British world Karina and I went for the Springboks last night - of course we were rewarded as we knew we would be. It was great. The English are strange... they don't support their team until they've won. So unlike those of us who support out teams through thick and thin and always believe that they're going to win the English only mouth off after they've won. Interesting.. so we made full use of that theory. I have been through out the week telling everyone that the English were going to get a pounding. Hee hee - not quite the pounding but you know - Springboks won. English lost. It's all good as far as I'm concerned. It will be interesting to catch up on what all the tabloids have to say - no doubt that try that wasn't awarded will be much talked about but suck it up I reckon. The AB's did so no bitching from the English if you please.

Anyway - that's what has been doing in the world of Mel. Nothing all that exciting. Laying low, going for interviews and hoping for the best. Hope things are great where you may be.

Take Care

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